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Black Fencer Synthetic Federschwert

Black Fencer Synthetic Federschwert

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SOLD OUT! Taking pre-orders, ETA on next batch = Mid April

Inspired in the popular Federschwert from the Johachim Meyer fencing treatise from 1570, this waster incorporates all the important qualities relative to weight, the balance, and the mass dynamics of a steel sword, keeping also the flexibility qualities of a training sword, and maintaining the safety of the nylon material, so we can practice Historical Fencing with full force and intent, with minimal body protection (HGC recommends that you always wear a HEMA gambeson when training with any swords).

This item only comes with a brown handle. Custom handles will cost $10.00 extra and need to be special ordered.

 TOTAL LENGTH: ~ 125 cm.
BLADE LENGTH: ~ 95 cm.
POINT WIDTH: ~2.5 cm.
BLADE THICKNESS: ~ 1.7 cm. – 1 cm.
WEIGHT: ~ 1300 gr.

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