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HGC 2.0 Gambeson TH *Coach model*

HGC 2.0 Gambeson TH *Coach model*

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The TH stands for Tony Huang, who is a Canadian medalist. Tony’s innovative built in throat protector style truly not only adds to aesthetics, but offers maximum protection towards the throat and front clavicle area. The wearer can still raise their hands, as the built in gorget sits on the upper part of the chest. This can be combined with a DMZ throat or Hockey throat guard for tournament intensity.

The protector is a thin flexible plastic sheet that does have some give, and the mask can easily be inserted behind the protector. Turning the head is possible but limited (somewhere around 90-120 degrees turn from right to left)

This jacket was inspired by the pictures in “The Flower of Battle” manuscript by Fiore dei Liberi. We wanted to create a historical looking jacket but with some modern touches.

The longer length design will help protect the wearer’s hips where some HEMA pants don’t. This goes perfectly with the HGC 2.0 Furukawa.

We’ve added arming points from the top of the arm down to the elbow so that the wearer may add custom protection plates to in the future, or make their own. PSA Elbows can be easily tied to one of these arming points.

The forearm padding is very thin so that it is easier to use with forearm protectors. We found that jackets with thick forearm tends to bunch up when using gloves with cuffs, or forearm protectors.


Gussets under the arm allows the wearer to lift up their arm without the jacket raising too much.

Currently our pictures are on the prototype model.

Made with 800N Material

The final released product will come with a back mesh material to release heat.

CUSTOM Option: The average wait time for custom color or sizing is roughly 2-4 months 

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