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Red Dragon HEMA Gloves

Red Dragon HEMA Gloves

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These Red Dragon Gloves were designed for synthetic trainers, however they have been becoming increasingly popular for sidesword, saber, broadsword, and arming sword sparring. These are not indestructible, and we would like to recommend that they are used with fingertip protectors. Please use these in controlled sparring environments as they are only considered as ”medium” protection gloves.

Steel trainers can still hit in between the padding, so please use at your own risk.

Like any other sport equipment, these will need to be replaced over time.

They come in two sizes, please check the size charts below under additional photos.

– Overlapping finger plates
– Rigid Knuckle protection
– Decent grip and thick palm material
– Will need to be broken in as they come stiff
- Two Sizes 12" or 13"

We recommend using our HGC Fingertip protectors along with the Red Dragons at all time, we also recommend modifying the gloves using the picture below as reference.


For those who don't know them, such gloves have been for many years around the community, more than the majority of the models that you can find around. Red Dragon are an adequate protection to use with sabers, arming swords and side-swords, not for rapier or longsword.
The Red Dragon gloves cause always a debate: there are many fans and detractors of such piece of equipment.
The detractors call for the low protection that they offer, but those who speak always offer alternatives that in my opinion are less safe.
Indeed, Red Dragon has some flaws BUT it is made in a type of fabric that can be adjusted by the user to increase the protection, something that other gloves in the market do not allow due to their design.
1) The first thing you must do is to get a set of finger tips to add inside the gloves. See picture below. You can get them in HEMA Gear Canada
2) The second big flaw is the big open gap in the base of the palm, exposing all your circulatory system to be damaged by the opponents thrust. That can be solved with a rigid Yoga Mat well sewn to it. Beware that it should go OVER the sleeve of your jacket, to prevent having blades entering inside of it (as I experienced).
3) The external strap, where it's written 'Red Dragon', does not offer extra protection. In any case it is an obstacle that you will find many swords entangling in it, either the blades or quillons.
These gloves are really a good piece to consider and probably the best money-value ratio in the market. No, they are not the best and they are not infalible, as nothing is. But if you have limited budget this is your way to go.
I have been practicing HEMA for 14 years now, tried many gloves and many swords. 3 broken fingers and 1 spliced knuckle taught me good lessons. Be safe, be kind.
PS: Remember that there are many documents on safety and gear in my website." - André Hajjar
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