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SPES Dragonfly Pants 800N

SPES Dragonfly Pants 800N

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Dragonfly HEMA Pants NG 800N combine features of the best SPES products – Locust and Hussar. They will be perfect for users searching for gear made from 800N puncture resistance fabric. This model is dedicated mostly for longsword HEMA training of high intensity.

 Dragonfly NG 800N pants are high-waisted, hiding the underbelly area. This equipment has both velcro straps and a zipper. They have red trimming on the sides and a pocket on the back. The colored trim refers to the 19th century military uniforms. Unique design will make you stand out from the crowd at the tournaments.

Dragonfly NG 800N are made from 800N puncture resistance fabric. This HEMA equipment has a complex cushioning layer – foams on knees, outer sides of thighs and on hips. There are also mountings for additional overlays on the knees, like Shell. On the hips in the front part, there are special pockets for additional foams, which are mounted to the waist of the pants.

 You can easily fit them to the body thanks to the adjustable straps and suspenders. Pants are very comfortable to use thanks to their weight. They provide freedom of movement during training too.

 The chosen color does not change the color of the trimming and the pocket – these remain red.
foams for pockets on the hips are not included

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