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SPES Kaftan 350N

SPES Kaftan 350N

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Custom Order ONLY.  This item is not in stock, and needs to be ordered in. Allow 12-16 weeks for delivery. Please let us know the details of your order in the comment box during cart>checkout. Our team will contact you by email after the purchase is made to go through the details. 

Stylized as the VII-X century Rus kaftan reaching the knees. This HEMA equipment is much longer compared to other jackets in our offer. The use of side gussets makes it similar to historical kaftans from the East.

This HEMA jacket is dedicated for both light and intensive training. It can be a perfect choice for users recreating techniques of the vikings or the history of Eastern Europe.

Kaftan 350N has a bladecatcher and asymmetrical tuck on the front. It has a characteristic design - on the overlap, lower edge and the sleeve edges you can notice a blue trim. What is more, this clothing does not have stitches on the outside.

This HEMA jacket is made of 350N puncture resistance material. The overlap on the front covers the double closure - zipper + velcro. And most importantly - from the waist down, similar to a padded skirt, it covers hips, thighs and crotch.

Inside, on the torso and shoulders, there are pockets with additional foams.

HEMA Kaftan does not have an adjustable strap on the back. It increases the freedom of movement during training and it gives an interesting look. Loose cut gives it aesthetic value while moving.

  • changing the color of the trim is possible only in Custom section
  • medieval belt is not included with the jacket

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Sources of our HEMA kaftan

Our HEMA kaftan was inspired by the former Rus kaftans from the 8th-10th century, coming from the area of North and Eastern Europe. The popularity of this clothing is proved by iconography and archeological findings. Similar clothing occurred also in Asia.
Similar jackets were worn up to the 15th century, especially in the Eastern Europe. They were worn regardless of social class. The status and wealthiness of a wearer were underlined by the rich decorations and fabrics used in the garment.

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