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The women’s version of the AP NG 800N HEMA jacket model, based on the well known AP 350N for women and being its upgraded version.

This HEMA jacket is an all-purpose model, matching the current, more demanding regulations, and every HEMA competition. It will meet the expectations of both advanced and beginning users.

The design of AP NG 800N was refreshed. This model has grey tapes on sleeves and front. Adjustable back strap is also in this color. Under the front tape, there is a zipper and velcro.

This HEMA jacket is made from the composite of 800N puncture resistance. It has a bladecatcher, adjustable waist girth, and slits at the bottom line of the back for better fitting in the hips area. The design of this model gives an option of additional modifications, increasing its features to the level of the best HEMA jackets like AP PRO and Hussar. Tapes on the sleeves make it easy to mount additional overlays like PRO set on arms, PRO set on forearms, or Shell on elbows.

Traditional felt filling was replaced by thick, resilient 3D mesh. Inside the jacket there are special pockets for additional cushioning foams (not included in the set).

What makes this jacket special is its breathable construction. It meets the needs of women by fitting the body shape and not hindering the movement. The filling used in this model is breathable, providing better moisture removal and very good cushioning.


Jacket is available in ONLY 5 colors:

  • black
  • red
  • white
  • blue
  • warm grey
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