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HGC 350N Skirt Standard or Long

HGC 350N Skirt Standard or Long

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New optional longer size will be 60cm total length. This option was designed for tall fencers 6ft and up.

 Shorter fencers may use this skirt to cover below their knee, but it is always recommended to wear hard knee protectors at ALL times during sparring.

 HGC 350N Skirt Standard Size $65.00

Made for thigh protection, and fencers under 6ft tall.

The HGC Skirts are made with 350N puncture resistance fabric. A thick layer of padding helps absorb impact to the tasset protected areas. Adjustable belt with buckle makes the HGC 350N Skirt a one size should fit most folks 


Standard Length 44.5cm (Top to bottom)
Long Length 60cm (Top to bottom)
Width fits 76cm -130cm (Circumference at Hips)

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