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HGC Supfen 2.0 Mittens

HGC Supfen 2.0 Mittens

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Our team worked with Superior Fencing to create a longsword mitten that can also be used in Saber hilts. It is highly protective and weighs less than the SPES Heavies. The glove is set in a handshake grip, and the thumb is highly mobile. Fingertip area is protected well because the shell extends far enough to make sure the fingers don't protrude. Internal band across the hand allows the glove material to not stretch easily overtime. 

 Here are some extra notes of the features:

- Zero break-in period

- String on one of the thumb plate to decrease rivet pressure

- Wrist rotator cuff is plated and protected well unlike industry competitors

- Weight approx. 400-500 grams per glove (medium is closer to 400, large is closer to 500). 

- Super profiled to make sure the hand isn't a giant hit box, and allows the glove to fit in most HEMA Saber guards



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