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Sparring Gloves Infinity Glove

Sparring Gloves Infinity Glove

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SG Infinity Gloves are order to be made only. Minimum 2-3 months wait time. 

 This is an order to be made only product. It takes roughly 2-3 months for these gloves to be made. We recommend that you order these with custom sizing. 

Infinity Gloves are one of the top five finger gloves on the market for it's price. Heavy thick PE-HD polyethylene, protecting all the joints along the finger and thumb. It comes with an under glove, and the back of the hand protection along with the wrist protection is superb. 

 Most gloves on the market forsake the posterior hand rotator (where the back of the hand meets the wrist cuff plate). However, this is not the case with the Infinity Gloves. We recommend purchasing the Hourglass Cuff over the Long or Regular for optimal protection and wrist articulation.


PE-HD polyethylene. Impact strength: kJ/m²,DIN EN ISO 179
Inner impact protection: Poron XRD-15197-35
Polypropylene carrying tape: 40 mm, 30 mm, 20 mm and 10 mm
Styrogum hardened and compacted. Thickness: 6mm cuffs

Weigh of 1 pair of Infinity Gloves with inner glove: 650 g Medium size with hourglass cuffs/ 325 g one piece

CUSTOM ORDERS: Please use the Custom sizing chart as a reference to measure your hand. Submit your measurement and colour options in the comment box at Check Out page. Or feel free to email us your measurements. 

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