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SPES Red Lobster Limited Heavy Gloves 800N

SPES Red Lobster Limited Heavy Gloves 800N

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Red Lobster Gloves NG 800N are based on the Lobster Heavy Gloves. The red version is enriched with innovative solutions and a new design.

They can be used by both beginners and advanced users, regardless of gender. You want your HEMA training with a Feder or a Dussack to be more comfortable - this equipment is just for you!

They are three-fingered gloves, the top of which is covered with black, plastic faulds. There is a special, profiled overlay on the thumb. The cuff has an additional cushioning layer in the form of graphite plastic.

They are fastened with a leather strap and a welt.

Lobsters have an unusual appearance - they are three-colored! The top plastic elements, leather additions and mounting bands - are made in black. Ecological leather covering the fingers and plastic cuffs overlays are graphite. However, it’s interior (cuff) is designed in red.

This HEMA equipment was made of 800N puncture resistance fabric. You can find this fabric on the back of the hand and cuffs. These SPES gloves cover all fingers with thumbs, which have new, better design. This element strengthens the sides and front of fingers. What is more, “Lobsters” outer parts of hands and fingers are covered by overlays made of polypropylene. The cuffs of our gloves have very important amenities that make it easier to put on and move around during training: they are narrower (easier to put on), lighter and more flexible. Additionally they have welts and on the wrist also an adjustable leather strap with buckle on wrist.

Red Lobsters are comfortable and do not restrict wrist movements during HEMA workouts. The leather palm gives firm grip during exercises with the selected simulator.

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